The cat's dream of home

it's just a dream, it's just real, it's a great experience! ;)

The Shrine

a place where everything can happen and anything is possible, this place is the human body, a shrine we all have and enjoy

Dog Quijote meets Mademoiselle Pogány in Macea

a surreal dream that includes one fried egg and the watcher's imagination...;)

The dogs have mandalas too

layers of memories and future experiences form each living creature it's life mandala

Little match girl

inspired by the story and everything is a game, have fun playing it! ;)

egg generating a psychedelic trip while frying

a wonderful experience can be achieved by anyone anytime, doing whatever, the important thing is to let that experience happen naturally and then let it be followed by another and another...and let's call it life, a multitude of wonderful experiences meant to lift us up so then we can lift others in return....and it can all be generated by frying an egg or playing chess or whatever comes that day that's going to start it up...enjoy! ;)

Couple and a psychedelic apple

Because all the good stories have apples, but only the great stories have psychedelic apples as an angel's heart and a vibrating cat to keep the balance between humans and creating beautiful music under the Nonian Sun! ;)

Storse, stone + horse

The perfect surreal image of all times!

animalistic Hamlet

The need to eat and provide the food against the state of just being...or not being :)

Back from Tenerife

pirate's whistle

meditating pirate

in the vibe

us 2

the mermaid got my back

the green dog


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