Mini Rex

....WHERE is all the color from the buildings, from the clothes, from your soul?!? ....don't make this little boy cry, try a smile and some colorful clothes for size, I'll take care of the city and it's colors....let's work together so everybody can be happy...:)

Sheep on a stick

There's sooooo many letters and soooo many theories, but not enough sheep on sticks...:)

Song of a bird that doesn't give a crap about the song

...the bird is just singing whatever crosses in it's what?!? :))
this picture is 25 x 35 what?!? :)

Peace, Bird, Love, Teeth

don't take things too seriously...:)
50,5 x 50,5 cm long and it's a square! :)

You & Me

It's about a girl, she's smaller
And a boy, he's taller
They love each other very much...
Hope you'll smile when you watch! :)

Lust, Emotions & Joy

The three essential feelings on which is based our entire existence....a perfect balance between those three makes the soul feel like home! :)

Cupids around town

they fly away around town and spread love...:) this ones are made with enamel on vinyl

Blue face, but not blue

I found this old building and I thought that this is where my blue face belongs :) It's blue but that's just the outside color, not the state of mind it's in.....It's laughing It's eyes out :)


....they just bring love! :)

Races, faces on the wall.....and a little bird

Street art, my friend, we meet again! :) I really liked this wall, because of it's multitude of textures....and there was a tree there, which helped me integrate the bird perfectly I also liked the tags that were already there, my piece's edges, disintegrates nicely, than reintegrates into those tags...I love it and hope you will too! ;)


It's about that time, when you want something so much, that the whole body surrenders to this feeling, changing it's natural form depending on the intensity of the "I want" factor or any other factors, for example the "I love", "I'm high", " I have an orgasm", "I'm happy" factors are just the same, when lived to the letting yourself carried away by your feelings deeply, your body may change into something creepy/funny for that period of time....but it's worth it! :)
It has 40 x 50 cm and it,s made on paper, using mixed media, than framed.
Enjoy! ;)

Space Clown

There was the Big Bang,everybody knows this theory, but before that?...well in my imagination there was this Space Clown which bumped his life juggling balls to the infinite ball and to the all other things that we can't explain in words ball, then the stardust, which raised behind the unicycle, created a chemical reaction, which generated the Big Bang....and this is what I think happened! :)
This piece is made on a beach mat and it's 163 x 87 cm


This one is 100 x 70 cm long and it has a funny story...I started on a smaller paper(A3) , thinking that my idea will fit there perfectly, but then I couldn't stop and I had to paste the first paper on a bigger one.....I think I'll do it on some wall outside, but for now this is it.....and I love it! Don't you? :)

Organic wall

Hey, dudes!.....and with this huge piece ( 4,20m x 2,07m), I'm gonna end a looooooong chapter in my :) Below you can see it exposed. I wanted to recreate the organicity that Street Art is bringing to the walls worldwide and it will be constantly changing....I'll upload pictures along the way, but for now that's it! :)