Back from Tenerife

pirate's whistle

meditating pirate

in the vibe

us 2

the mermaid got my back

the green dog


1 + 1 = 11

From Spain to paper

meditating horse and seahorse

the Connected Panda

Dionis meets the Connected Panda

psychedelic bird music evolving into a man's face and a bow tie
42 x 29,7 cm

The meaning of life

the meaning of life lays in a child's laugh.

 100 x 70 cm

the last drop of dew, forest's song

it's inspired from a poem written by my mom and it-s about the link human-nature and music and dew and a rock:)

Greece aura/ A4

madonna of the rocks

 horses speak the truth

Shiva tiger

 flaming tiger

 turtle eggame

 water tiger with smooth stones

 she said: the punkers

the minotaur


The elements are in place
Colors merge between wide space
Puppy love is at my feet
Vibrations grow up and beneath.

35 x 50 cm


made on a silver platter, this child is experiencing the surreal moment when something super good gets in contact with your sense of taste, that feeling when everything stops except the taste :)
31 x 24 cm

Flat portrait

well, it's....flat! :)
24 x 18 cm

The fishram or the ramfish

it's about connections, spiritual and physical. bonds that once made, grow stronger every day and cannot be broken no meter what!
30 x 40 cm


A composition with old masonic symbols and new colors
100 x 70 cm
mixed media on canvas


You buy, buy,
smile for a little while,
than die.
So, throw your stuff
up in the sky,
make your smile a laugh and fly....
Be free!

waiting for the Sun!

waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting....

3 bees

3 bees and the end of the world with that antena :)
40 x 40 cm

The dog has fleas in 12.12.2012

Spiders turning into little Suns doesn't seem to bother the dog
42 x 29,7 cm

Intense ride

It's about those huge amounts of energy coming and going every day and night through you and how strong must one be to control that flow, while remaining clear and's one of life's biggest challenges! 
40 x 40 cm


It's the only piece in chess game loyal to it's color, it doesn't switch no matter what ...
21 x 29,5 cm


21 x 29,5 cm


Just a moment in the world when something great is happening :)
21 x 29,5 cm


As long as inside's good, to move 5 or 8 or 34 arms outside it's easy
21 x 25,5 cm