Ejacken = ejaculating chicken....'cause the chicken CAME before the egg! :)))
70 x 100 cm

Animal spirit tamed by self control

Everybody has an animal within, the question is, can you tame it? The animal spirit is like steam, control it and it can move trains, but if untamed, it's just evaporating water. So control your demon and ride it into the coolest adventure ever, which is your life! :)


Peaceful life, peaceful thoughts, peaceful sleep, peaceful dreams
40 x 10 cm

Up, upper, three dots

It's about ascending to higher and brighter states of consciousness 'till you reach 3 dots, which is the tear flowing because you're so happy, state of mind....i dare you to try it out! ;)
119 x 16 cm


So I had this vision of a rabbit who's been ran over by a bicycle tire. Why gay?...'Couse it's eyeBALLS! :)))))
35 x 50 cm 

Surreal conversation

 For some it's just a big question mark....and maybe an exclamation one too! :)
29 x 30 cm