3 bees

3 bees and the end of the world with that antena :)
40 x 40 cm

The dog has fleas in 12.12.2012

Spiders turning into little Suns doesn't seem to bother the dog
42 x 29,7 cm

Intense ride

It's about those huge amounts of energy coming and going every day and night through you and how strong must one be to control that flow, while remaining clear and pure....it's one of life's biggest challenges! 
40 x 40 cm


It's the only piece in chess game loyal to it's color, it doesn't switch no matter what ...
21 x 29,5 cm


21 x 29,5 cm


Just a moment in the world when something great is happening :)
21 x 29,5 cm


As long as inside's good, to move 5 or 8 or 34 arms outside it's easy
21 x 25,5 cm

Hung up on stories

You learn some things, but it's up to you to discover their true nature, so don't be blinded by knowledge or stories....so read, listen, learn, but it's vital to try what you feel or know based on your true feelings and create your own tales to share with others...
21 x 25,5 cm


Everything is linked...
21 x 29,5 cm

"one love, one heart"

Bob Marley sings it, I draw it, we all feel it :)
21 x 29,5 cm


because the butterfly is so colorful and the elephant too grey
21 x 29,5 cm

Thanks mama



The human body is so beautiful without any clothes, near the sea, on the beach, having the Sun up on a clear sky...and singing :)
21 x 29,5 cm

The winged elephant meets Janis Joplin

Just like that, under the Sun! ;)
21 x 29,5 cm

Joy bubbles

Those are ( I hope they still are) in Barcelona, across the street from the magical Sun and Moon hostel, where you go in but it's very hard go out! :))

When he found out

masculine, feminine, death, love, infinity, sex, black, white, corners, pussy, ejaculation, flying, Sun
20 x 26 cm

The mechanical frog

A collaboration between the kids and me @ some festival
It has 160 x 90 cm


Through fire and blood, life goes on,
He receives and with no sorrow gives.
Sun is shining...
21 x 29,5 cm 

I skull you

I've made this for a rock festival, ARTmania.
130 x 90 cm 

Sneeze Gate

There is one Gate of Kiss, made by Constantin Brancusi, now there is a Gate of Sneeze made by Noni Bug! It's called that way because I've sneezed a loooot while making it, must be an allergy or something like that, so then I've made the characters sneeze too....it was a sneeze party! :)))


Ejacken = ejaculating chicken....'cause the chicken CAME before the egg! :)))
70 x 100 cm

Animal spirit tamed by self control

Everybody has an animal within, the question is, can you tame it? The animal spirit is like steam, control it and it can move trains, but if untamed, it's just evaporating water. So control your demon and ride it into the coolest adventure ever, which is your life! :)


Peaceful life, peaceful thoughts, peaceful sleep, peaceful dreams
40 x 10 cm

Up, upper, three dots

It's about ascending to higher and brighter states of consciousness 'till you reach 3 dots, which is the tear flowing because you're so happy, state of mind....i dare you to try it out! ;)
119 x 16 cm


So I had this vision of a rabbit who's been ran over by a bicycle tire. Why gay?...'Couse it's eyeBALLS! :)))))
35 x 50 cm 

Surreal conversation

 For some it's just a big question mark....and maybe an exclamation one too! :)
29 x 30 cm


Your body is the palace and the world, your kingdom....go play!


IMAGINATION is the ability to remember things from past and future lives.
A GENIUS is someone who uses it's imagination  to solve different problems. (I used "it" because it can be an animal, as well as a human)
PHILOSOPHY is something that introverted people have came up with, to figure out what's the problem with this world, when, in fact, they were the real problem....too much knowledge and not enough joy.
PSYCHOLOGY is the younger and materialistic sister of philosophy .
ART is an extension of our physical reach.
MEDITATION is the most pure and natural act as a living creature.
JOY is the essence of life.


2,5 x 1,5 meters of pure psychedelic experience! 


This is the final stage....4 now! :)

Fuck Off and get some light!

For some people, the dark rain of frustration, never ends so I gently wave my hand and from the bottom of my heart I say "FUCK OFF!"
I just hope that one day, the Sun will shine the darkness and the shit away from their airless heads! This is one of the cases when the advice: "be yourself" is very wrong! So, cheers and good luck to all of you, frustrated people, hope you get fewer every day...


And another nice collaboration between me and some 80 kids....more 2 come...;)
It's 126 x 60 cm


I've made this along with 100 kids, their age variation...from 3 to 6 years :) love to work with them, it's like playing with light! :)
It has 126 x 60 cm and looks a bit like a Basquiat! :))


I've made this for a music campaign,called "Why do you love music?",  held by a friend's radio station, you can listen to it @ www.giziradio.net....enjoy! ;)

Love rulez!

Sweet collaboration between 2EFS, Noni, Cainele Cu Lipici

Sun soprano

Singing @ the Sun with the highest notes you can possibly imagine...
It has 21 x 29,5 cm

Black eyed cat

Sometimes elephants fly, a cat with one black eye, plays with the string of life, while chilling on a cloud and GOD is still a cartoon...
This one has
25 x 35 cm and it's based on the kind of dream where you walk down a street and suddenly you just take off and fly....what a wonderful sensation...:)


I've made them from clay and then painted them....Like! :)

Use some lion

It means, get some balls or, if you already got them, use them! It's about finding the courage within and facing all that life throws at you with a smile and a bit of " I don't care" :)
So, the picture of Einstein appears as a vision, like a hallucination, making the link between real tongue and cartoon tongue, between real and surreal. The name Eminescu ( a genius poet) contains E=mc2, Good contains God, which may as well be a cartoon and of course everything is surrounded by an erotic energy. ;)
It has 25 x 82 cm

Super vision

I've made this on a block of wood, then painted it and finally stuck a pair of swimming glasses on.....so smile please! :)

Fuckin' sheep's drunk again!

What is this world coming to when the sheep's drunk on love again, the transparent dog sees only the BONE in BONER and the sheep doesn't care?!?!?......I'm just kidding, I'm glad nothing makes any sense...:)
This one is 20 cm from corner to corner


Monkey, Homo Erectus, Hippie, dick and balls ejaculating bombs, rockets, money, religion, machine guns....and so on.
Lucky for us, we have the freedom of choice, so fuck evolution and let's dance! :)
This one is 20 x 30 cm...or something like that...:)

Super hungry

When that super hunger enters my body and my mind, it's very hard to keep it together, so if I don't eat, fuck, drink, smoke, run, talk....depends on what the hunger is about, right then... I lose it! So this drawing is about that special state of spirit when you want, need and grab! Ahaaaaaaa!!! :)
It's 21 x 29,5 cm


This is an erotic version of a cock fight, where rage and energy meets physical contact and emotional release. I used french, english and german languages because it's the same shit, no matter the country!
It's 28 cm from corner to corner


Yeah, it's me as a bug, with 5 Michelle Pfeiffer apparitions and a bowtie :)
I deny the rational and take chances in the dream world, with a delirious conscience that feeds my impulse to go on, making me an irrational, imaginative, self sufficient entity, that feeds on love, peace and joy, after which, returning them to the world of logical people.
This piece has 25 cm from corner to corner....enjoy! :)

Sweets against the machine

So, if you want something, just go get it....easy as in a dream. And by the way, Death is a butterfly...
50 x 50 cm


Hehe! Back again! This time it' s a dog with a bone.....and a dog tag which says "ER"...;) There are a few words that go with ER as well. The dog is standing on a pile of boobs...
25 x 35 cm

Snowboarding trip and Fred's nowhere

I just love snowboarding, I also love cartoons....so...:)
This piece is 50 x 50 cm