Black eyed cat

Sometimes elephants fly, a cat with one black eye, plays with the string of life, while chilling on a cloud and GOD is still a cartoon...
This one has
25 x 35 cm and it's based on the kind of dream where you walk down a street and suddenly you just take off and fly....what a wonderful sensation...:)


I've made them from clay and then painted them....Like! :)

Use some lion

It means, get some balls or, if you already got them, use them! It's about finding the courage within and facing all that life throws at you with a smile and a bit of " I don't care" :)
So, the picture of Einstein appears as a vision, like a hallucination, making the link between real tongue and cartoon tongue, between real and surreal. The name Eminescu ( a genius poet) contains E=mc2, Good contains God, which may as well be a cartoon and of course everything is surrounded by an erotic energy. ;)
It has 25 x 82 cm

Super vision

I've made this on a block of wood, then painted it and finally stuck a pair of swimming glasses smile please! :)

Fuckin' sheep's drunk again!

What is this world coming to when the sheep's drunk on love again, the transparent dog sees only the BONE in BONER and the sheep doesn't care?!?!?......I'm just kidding, I'm glad nothing makes any sense...:)
This one is 20 cm from corner to corner


Monkey, Homo Erectus, Hippie, dick and balls ejaculating bombs, rockets, money, religion, machine guns....and so on.
Lucky for us, we have the freedom of choice, so fuck evolution and let's dance! :)
This one is 20 x 30 cm...or something like that...:)

Super hungry

When that super hunger enters my body and my mind, it's very hard to keep it together, so if I don't eat, fuck, drink, smoke, run, talk....depends on what the hunger is about, right then... I lose it! So this drawing is about that special state of spirit when you want, need and grab! Ahaaaaaaa!!! :)
It's 21 x 29,5 cm


This is an erotic version of a cock fight, where rage and energy meets physical contact and emotional release. I used french, english and german languages because it's the same shit, no matter the country!
It's 28 cm from corner to corner


Yeah, it's me as a bug, with 5 Michelle Pfeiffer apparitions and a bowtie :)
I deny the rational and take chances in the dream world, with a delirious conscience that feeds my impulse to go on, making me an irrational, imaginative, self sufficient entity, that feeds on love, peace and joy, after which, returning them to the world of logical people.
This piece has 25 cm from corner to corner....enjoy! :)