Sweets against the machine

So, if you want something, just go get it....easy as in a dream. And by the way, Death is a butterfly...
50 x 50 cm


Hehe! Back again! This time it' s a dog with a bone.....and a dog tag which says "ER"...;) There are a few words that go with ER as well. The dog is standing on a pile of boobs...
25 x 35 cm

Snowboarding trip and Fred's nowhere

I just love snowboarding, I also love cartoons....so...:)
This piece is 50 x 50 cm


This is a small canvas (12 x 40 cm) on which I've been working for a bit. It all started with a small circle, after which, I've kinda lost track of what was happening on the canvas, then I snapped out of it and this was the first thing I saw..."Nice!" , I thought, so, here I am sharing this with you, hope you'll like it too...:)