Peace, Bird, Love, Teeth

don't take things too seriously...:)
50,5 x 50,5 cm long and it's a square! :)

You & Me

It's about a girl, she's smaller
And a boy, he's taller
They love each other very much...
Hope you'll smile when you watch! :)

Lust, Emotions & Joy

The three essential feelings on which is based our entire existence....a perfect balance between those three makes the soul feel like home! :)

Cupids around town

they fly away around town and spread love...:) this ones are made with enamel on vinyl

Blue face, but not blue

I found this old building and I thought that this is where my blue face belongs :) It's blue but that's just the outside color, not the state of mind it's in.....It's laughing It's eyes out :)